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Recent links added to the site’s disquiet.com/elsewhere catalog:

Sound-art- and installation-friendly art galleries twentygoto10.com (San Francisco), diverseworks.org (Houston), and irmamoerchgallery.com (Copenhagen).

Musical acts Clay Chaplin (music.calarts.edu/~cchaplin), Ryan Peoples (ryanpeoples.wordpress.com), Adam Schabtach (programming on the Automaton cellular-automata project, studionebula.com), Chris Randall (interface design on Automaton, analogindustries.com), Christopher Abad (the-mathclub.net), David Stutz (composer of the music to Neal Stephenson’s novel Anathem, synthesist.net), sm0hm (sm0hm.blogspot.com), Nathan Christopher Robinson (idmclassics.net), Tara Rogers (aka Analog Tara, safety-valve.org), Steve Burnett (aka Subscape Annex, subscapeannex.com) — and in the category of “How am I only getting to this now?” (aka “Is del.icio.us losing my bookmarks?”), Stephen Vitiello (stephenvitiello.com), Jon Leidecker (aka Wobbly, whose squiggly site logo appears to the left, detritus.net/wobbly), and Bob Ostertag (bobostertag.com).

Netlabel hexawe.net and record labels cornwarning.com, thingstocome.com, flingcosound.com, and westernunconscious.com.

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