Quote of the Week: Art After Death

From a story in the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper about the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art painting over two murals by Sol LeWitt. The murals have been in the SFMOMA lobby for so many years that museum regulars have come to think of them as part of the architecture.

LeWitt, who died last year at 78, is still creating art.
The broader context of the story is that LeWitt’s art was generally a matter of instruction, not implementation. His work survives him as a set of, for lack of a more visual-specific term, “compositions.” The article continues:
He didn’t touch anything, and never insinuated that he did.

“The art part of it is LeWitt’s concept, and the concept is documented” says Fraenkel, who has a LeWitt wall drawing in his home. “No LeWitt drawings have been done by him. They have always been painted by his assistants.”

The Fraenkel quoted is Jeffrey Fraenkel of Fraenkel Gallery, which is associated with the LeWitt estate. Full piece, by Sam Whiting, at sftage.com. Photo by Michael Maloney for the Chronicle.

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