Quote of the Week: Sonic Leverage

Dialog from “The Homecoming Job,” the second episode of Leverage, a new TV series on the TNT network about a group of thieves who moonlight as vigilantes, under the tutelage of a former insurance executive played by Timothy Hutton.

In this scene, one of the thieves, Eliot, a seasoned fighter (who may be based, in part, on the character Midnighter from the comic book series The Authority), is analyzing video footage of a shoot-out at a U.S. military base in Iraq:

    Eliot: Five point five six NATO rounds, mixed in with some nine mils from the submachine guns. Insurgents woulda used AK-47s with 7.62 ammo. Has more of a … crack. …

    Parker: You ID’d the weapons from the gunshot sound?

    Eliot: It has a very distinctive sound.

Parker is another of the thieves. The show is sort of like The A-Team meets Ocean’s Eleven, the latter of which is repeatedly referenced, not just with stylized shots of missions in progress, but also thanks to a score that riffs heavily on David Holmes’s music for the Steven Soderbergh-directed movie franchise.

More on Leverage at leveragehq.com and tnt.tv.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Week: Sonic Leverage

  1. Just a little fyi…. the quote about AK47’s having a distinctive sound. It’s from the movie Heartbreak Ridge with Clint Eastwood. Numerous times they point out that it’s the weapon of the enemy, and it “has a very distinctive sound.” :P

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