Emmanuel Witzthum’s Piano-tronic MP3s

There are two pieces of music on Emmanuel Witzthum‘s new release from the Stasisfield netlabel, Chamber_music_(1.a). One is a quartet, the other either a quintet or a solo work, depending on the listener’s perspective. The quartet, “For Pianos” (MP3), involves four pianos playing with a heightened sense of ensemble. Suspended structures are built from shared chordal material, in which overtones do much of the heavy lifting. (The performers are Witzthum, Ju Ping Song, Reiko Fueting, and Yuval Cohen.)

Those resulting rich, overarching sonics provide the raw goods for the second piece, “With Pianos” (MP3), in which Witzthum reduces, via electronic processing, the piano sounds into something delicate and fine. Additional information at stasisfield.com.

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