11 Things I Wish My iPod Could Do

I have a fifth-generation iPod. I wish it could do the following. I realize there is third-party software that can, unofficially, implement some if not all of these. I wish this was, more simply, part of the system. Perhaps some of it already is, and I’m just mistaken.

1. I wish the tags included a field for record labels. This is how I mentally sort much of my music.

2. I wish you could apply multiple genres to tracks and to albums.

3. I wish I could easily sync from two computers to one iPod. If I purchase a CD on a trip, I’d like to be able to rip it to my iPod from my laptop, and then have that work seamlessly with my home computer — including having it copy the files to my computer when I sync upon return home.

4. I wish album covers showed up in menu view. This is part of the new system, and I wish it would port back to older iPods.

5. I wish, when showing the “full screen” view of an album cover, it could drop the “now playing” top bar to provide more screen room for the image.

6. I wish it could play two tracks simultaneously.

7. I wish I could edit track info (song, artist, genre, etc.) on the fly.

8. I wish I could find out more information about a given track: bit rate, format, BPM, composer, release date, etc.

9. I wish it could play OGG, FLAC, and other such file formats.

10. I wish playlists could group tracks by album in the menu view, like genres do.

11. I wish I could click a button on my iPod, which is connected to my computer via a cable, not a dock, and that with that click I could disconnect it, rather than having to do so through iTunes or the operating system.

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