Proggy Instrumental MP3s from Marco Cervellin

Wacky Southern Current is Marco Cervellin, whose release on the Petcord netlabel, Ageless Calm in Times of War, mixes proggy elements into a soothing, atmospheric whole. The key track is “Clouds Shifting” (MP3), with which the set opens. There’s a melting bed of syrupy sounds, joined by what could be guitar, reminiscent as it is of Adrian Belew’s sad-seagull sound. A reprise of the same song, which closes the five-track EP, emphasizes the woozy, Brian Eno 1970s-pop feel, with waterlogged melodies and a gently rocking groove.

This is more than just sweet little songs atop an electronica foundation. Take “Watercolour” (MP3), for instance. Its backing sounds, below and astride an acoustic (and, later, electric) guitar, are all, in one manner or another, echoes of the lead line, not merely framing ornaments.

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