Battlestar Galactica (“A Disquiet Follows My Soul”) Remix MP3s

Given that the next episode due out from Battlestar Galactica is titled “A Disquiet Follows My Soul” (air date: January 23), it seems a good time for a quick look at the growing number of BSG remixes — an inevitability, given the TV series’s Steve Reich-ian score cues, as well as the healthy overlap between science fiction, web-based fan communities, and electronic music. While is awash with audio-video reworkings of BSG, the number of direct-to-download versions are more modest. One place to start is, where Aaron “AmR” Ribgy has posted links to a handful of his own club-ready mixes, including “Gaeta’s Lament (Quantized/Analog Mix)” (, “Rebirth (Roslin & Adama’s Remix)” (, and “Leoben’s Testament” (, all accessible via those related links. More on AmR/Rigby at his page, and at

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