Quote of the Week: Fennesz’s Volume

From a January 29 interview in the Wall Street Journal with musician Christian Fennesz:

    Q: When you play live, your sound is more aggressive than on your recordings. Is there a difference in approach when performing?

    [A:] It is a question of volume. When playing live I can go back to my rock past as a lead guitarist with a band, and I like the physical impact of sound. Also, achieving high volume is difficult at home! But live, I have many hundreds of samples which I can draw on and play in lloopp [a program that allows live playing and manipulation of loops] and can program the software in real-time. It is impossible to reproduce the studio recording when I play live, but it is possible to recognize compositions. In the studio, I use different software to work out sound designs and create happy accidents.

Full article, by Paul Sharma, at wsj.com. (Found via twitter.com/rarefrequency.)

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