Quote of the Week: White Noisemakers

Applications programmed for the first Google-OS phone, the Android-powered G1, can be rated between one and five stars by users. Following are some of the comments by G1 users who gave one star to White Noise 1.2.0, a white-noise generator:

    “Good app if you like to fall asleep to static!”

    “This makes no sense at all”

    “Explain to me how this (a recording of white noise) cancels real world noise while listening to your music, genius.”

    “Can someone tell me how to work this thing so that it helps with sleep and other stuff?”

    “Might have raised the score if it made sense”

More on the programmer of White Noise, Grant Midwinter, at grantmidwinter.com. I’m testing a G1 right now — you can follow my experience, if that’s of interest, at g1for30days.tumblr.com

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