Two Live D’Incise MP3s

It’s the taut plinking of strings that confirms a guitar was employed in the production of “Stase” (MP3). That’s a track, one of two, on the EP Stase / Contre Stase, by D’Incise, released on the Resting Bell netlabel ( last year. The tensile power, with its contained energy and spring-like effect, brings a brittle thrill to the steady-paced goings-on. Those strings are heard crackling amid bending metal and droning static, the internal workings of some infernal machine. D’Incise is the electronic musician whose laptop was part of the trio Diatribes (which puts him in the context of a drummer and pianist), whose recent full-length release was the focus of a Disquiet Downstream entry earlier this week ( To hear Stase / Contre Stase is to have an opportunity to extract D’Incise’s laptop from the embrace of his acoustic colleagues, to hear it on its own. As for “Contre Stase,” the music is noisier and more rambunctious (MP3), like a field recording of a factory tour. Both tracks were recorded in Geneva last year. More on D’Incise at

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