Epic MP3 from Mystahr

Opening with cycling buzzing, as if some toy helicopter were approaching from the north, “Into the World Of” by Mystahr turns out to be a sprawling tapestry of chirping, blurping, noisy things. According to the liner notes at the piece’s release page (at archive.org), there’s even a Buddha Machine layered in there, between the analog synthesizers and ring modulation and so much else. This is the rare track that treats the Buddha Machine as a sound source and not as an object of fixated devotion, just one piece amid many, rather than the focus. The file itself (MP3) is a massive, 127MB download, but it’s also available for streaming — and, if you’re really taken by the aural menagerie, as a “lossless” FLAC file nearly three times that size.

[audio:http://www.archive.org/download/earman071/01-IntoTheWorldOf.mp3|titles=”Into the World Of”|artists=Mystahr]

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