Inaugural Mix: Beats, Drones, Surface Noise, Ether

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Welcome to’s new streaming-audio service. The interface immediately below will stream in sequence five recent favorites from the site’s Downstream section, which focuses on legally free downloads on the Internet. You can flip back and forth through the playlist using the small arrows. At the bottom of this post is additional information on each of the pieces.

[audio:,,,,|titles=”Fat Sal”,”Drift With Me”,”Piano in Slow Motion 4″,”Lides”,solo cello (untitled)|artists=Diego Bernal,Eluder,Wavespan and Caleb Deupree,O.S.T.,Ted Laderas]

The duration of this mixtape/playlist is 57:54.


Playlist Guide:

Please note that most of the links below in this post will result in pop-ups, so as not to interrupt the streaming audio.

Track 1. (Duration: 03:22.) Rarified, old-school hip-hop instrumental from Austin, Texas's Diego Bernal. [More info: Artist site:]

Track 2. (Duration: 09:36.) The dusty drones of Eluder. [More info: Artist site:]

Track 3: (Duration: 05:20.) Attenuated piano samples, a collaborative effort between Wavespan and Caleb Deupree. [More info: Artist site:]

Track 4: (Duration: 06:00.) An outtake from O.S.T.'s tension-laden Synken score. [More info: Artist site:]

Track 5: (Duration: 33:36.) The heavily electronically mediated cello of Ted Laderas and his Oo-Ray. [More info: Artist site:]

Special thanks: I'm dedicating this initial Disquiet Listen playlist to Lucas Gonze ( and Brian Biggs (,, who separately nudged me toward rethinking the way I contextualize sound on this website, and to Martin Laine (, whose elegant audio player made it possible.

NB: To the best of my knowledge, my promotion of these tracks in this manner is all above board. However, if you represent any of these tracks and/or artists and feel that they are being inappropriately utilized here, please contact me directly at [email protected], and I'll rectify the situation promptly.

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