Shelf Empowerment: Sampling Lessig’s ‘Remix’

This coming week, thanks to the gracious invitation by‘s “Mind the Gap” blogger, Molly Sheridan, I’ll be participating in a discussion of Lawrence Lessig‘s most recent book, Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy, along with a great and esteemed crew: Corey Dargel, Marc Geelhoed, Matthew Guerrieri, Lisa Hirsch, Brian Sacawa, Alex Shapiro, and Steve Smith.

Needless to say, the subjects of Lessig’s Remix are close to this website’s heart, especially such issues as copyright reform, free culture, collaborative creativity, and the unintended consequences of technological development.

To supplement the discussion, each of this coming week’s five Downstream entries will focus on some theme from Remix, starting tomorrow, Monday, with “netlabels” — the growing phenomenon of independent record labels that release their music entirely for free download.

You can follow the discussion at

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