Images of the Week: Marina Vendrell Renaut’s Soft Machines

Technology goes plush in the hands of Marina Vendrell Renaut, who has a show now at the Oakland, California, gallery Johansson Projects. Below is a characteristic piece:

The exhibit consists of soft sculptures, some large-scale, some small, some containing radio-controlled cars. And then there’s the piece above, made of “faux fur, fox fur, crocheted yarn, beads,” as well as three “pullable musical devices.” The one below, “Musical Marmot,” is made of “reclaimed marmots, knitted yarn, and musical device.”

More at The show, which also features work by Kate Eric (the collaborative pseudonym of Kate Tedman and Eric Siemens), runs through May 2. The opening, if you’re in the area, is on March 21.

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