Inca Ore Phones It In (MP3)

Musician Inca Ore (aka Eva Saelens) phoned it in recently — that is, the Oakland, California-based musician participated in the great podcast Phoning It In (, associated with KDVS 90.3 FM radio), in which acts are interviewed and play music over the phone.

[audio:|titles=Live on KDVS show Phoning It In|artists=Inca Ore]

The result could turn even the most high-end production into a lo-fi affair, but as Saelens and the show’s host discuss early on in the broadcast (narrowcast? shallowcast?), it really just adds a cozy, old-school, AM-radio vibe (MP3). “It’s right in line with my fidelity,” she says, listing among her favorite effects “tape hiss” and “far-away sounds.”

For her five-song set, Saelens plays distant, droney, maudlin keyboard-oriented work with a mindfully meandering quality, haunting and evocative. She jokes, in perfect deadpan, that she’s gone gospel, but the effect is arguably more druid.

Info on Inca Ore at

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