Field-Studio Mix MP3s from Nimalan Yoganathan

The musical moniker of Montreal-based Nimalan Yoganathan isn’t going to do him much good at customs (it’s Shoebomber), even if the Banksy-style cover art gives the name a pop spin. But his Cantus in Memory of Lasantha Wickramatunga, named for an assassinated Sri Lankan journalist, should get him all the right sort of attention. Its four tracks deftly blend synthesized rhythms, borrowed funk, and found field recordings. The opening track employs a brief loop of what could be African pop — taking a horn part and, with repetition, stretching it into something trance-inducing.

And better yet, Yoganthan isn’t just looping for its own sake. Each track on Cantus changes as it proceeds. That first song, “Le Petit Sauvage,” for example, moves through backwards-warped samples and clubby beats before it comes to a close (MP3). Also particularly recommended is “Sangam Dub,” the arid rhythms of which could be a downtempo Timbaland production (MP3).

[audio:|titles=”Sangam Dub”|artists=Shoebomber (Nimalan Yoganathan)] [audio:|titles=”Le Petit Sauvage”|artists=Shoebomber (Nimalan Yoganathan)]

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