Live Drones from Static Kitten (MP3)

In the Encyclopedia of Drones, two of the most common — common as in prevalent, not common as in pedestrian — would be categorized as The Helicopter and The Prayer Bowl. Those are heard on Follow, by Static Kitten, newly released at the, but they’re just two of numerous identifiers buried in the slowly paced, methodically controlled, occasionally rough performance (per the notes, improvised freely by Kitten, aka John Brennan, in 2008). The title cut is, indeed, a highlight, balancing closely mic’d objects with hovering sine waves (MP3), as is (the more broadly listenable) “Ocean,” which uses bowed instruments to rich, folktronic effect (MP3).

[audio:|titles=”Follow”|artists=Static Kitten] [audio:|titles=”Ocean”|artists=Static Kitten]

Get the full set of seven tracks at

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