Alan Morse Davies Daily Sound (MP3s)

Welsh composer Alan Morse Davies has joined Taylor Deupree (, Justin Hardison (, and others in posting regular sounds on a scheduled basis, as a kind of sonic diary. On Monday of this week he launched his “I Make Today” series, which he summed up via Twitter (at in a pair of posts — Twitter only allows for 140 characters per post, so it makes sense more than one post is necessary for a proper announcement:

    Launching a new series of music pieces called “I Make Today”, one a day for the next year starting Monday. Links to follow.

    “I Make Today” is designed to make me operate in the moment. My mind is already doing mental gymnastics to avoid it, and that’s the point.

Despite its title, the series’s debut, “Venice and the Two-Stroke Outboard Engine,” is not an extended field recording. Characteristic for Davies, it appears to be a reworking of existing sounds, perhaps choral vocals attenuated and layered with acoustic percussion — an Old World/New World amalgam that brings to mind Ennio Morricone’s score to The Mission (MP3). The second entry, “Pygmy Polyphonics (Protracted)” (MP3), likewise takes existing vocals and stretches them to the breaking point, until they’re spread thin and rendered ethereal. The third, released today, “Olga Samaroff’s Grief, Greta Garbo as Thief,” is instrumental in its source material, a quietly dramatic foray into a liminal orchestral state (MP3).

[audio:|titles=”Venice and the Two-Stroke Outboard Engine”|artists=Alan Morse Davies] [audio:|titles=”Pygmy Polyphonics (Protracted)”|artists=Alan Morse Davies]

PS: When I first published this, there was no no apparent RSS feed for the series, except through Davies’s Twitter account. The home page for the project was, and the MP3 link for the “Greta Garbo” track didn’t work in the Flash-based streaming-MP3 player. That’s all changed. Here’s the track for streaming:

[audio:|titles=”Olga Samaroff’s Grief, Greta Garbo as Thief”|artists=Alan Morse Davies]

And the project’s now housed at, which has a proper RSS feed.

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