Stones Throw Beat Battle MP3s

Last week’s Beat Battle at yielded a victory for a newcomer to the ongoing audio-mixing throwdowns. The participant named biz20 had only joined the boards on June 17, a few days after the battle began. Nonetheless, his slurry, loping entry won best in class. Perhaps he got extra credit for having done what so few other beatmakers do, especially in contests such as this one, which is that he crafted an opening and a close to the track: it begins like a piece of vinyl slowly being brought up to speed, and ends (in a mirroring moment) as if someone had yanked the plug from his turntable.

Streaming audio and direct-download MP3 links aren’t functioning, but you can check out the original sample and over four dozen entries, including biz20’s, at; the initial discussion at; and the final votes at

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