London May, Part 1: The Foundry

Back in May, I spent a week in London, Birmingham, and thereabouts. I’ve yet to post any reports from the trip, but for starters, here are some shots from the Foundry, a pub and arts center in London co-founded by Bill Drummond, of KLF.

Sound-oriented small pieces lined one stairwell:

The basement corridor, a detail of the layered graffiti:

The array of TV screens below is an installation by artist Nao Ujiie:

The crowd on a Friday evening:

More on the Foundry at Thanks to Thorsten Sideboard, of, for the pint.

One thought on “London May, Part 1: The Foundry

  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to make a correction about the screens. in fact this is a setup relating to “Bradford Bahamas” however i guess it doesn’t really matter. It originates from an audio visual interactive installation. You can read about it on the website. Overtime the screens have been maintained by Jonathan (co owner of the foundry). I left them there in aid of giving video artists an easily accessible platform to show their art.

    All the best


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