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  • Afternoon stream: an entire Underworld concert recorded recently in Oakland RT@ario #
  • Afternoon stream: Brent Arnold — @brent_arnold — solo looped cello improvisation, recorded April 2009 #
  • RIP, guitar and guitar tech legend Les Paul, whom I got to interview years ago for epulse and for @fbjournal predecessor Ukulele Occasional. #
  • Whenever the @oblique_chirps Twitter pops up "Cluster analysis" I think it is a direction to think about the band Cluster. #
  • RIP drum legend Rashied Ali (Colrane, Sanders, Ulmer Haino, Laswell) — RT @daveseidel @stasisfield #
  • Checking out the new #audiogame #soundtoy Sonorox for the Android OS. #
  • From Richard Stark's 10th Parker novel, The Green Eagle Score: "Parker shut his eyes and listened to the night whine by under the tires." #
  • Afternoon stream: Solo piano by Terry Riley, recorded live in concert in 1963 From the Other Minds catalog at #
  • Fog horns out of control this morning. Must be mating season. #
  • Experiment: Playlist of all songs locatable in from Aug 8 DJ set twittered in Poland by @rhawtin #
  • messed up the link somehow in my previous post. Here it is, the myserious Pynchon-book video promo: #
  • Cross between Lebowski/Burroughs, voice in promo video for Pynchon's novel Inherent Vice rumored to be Pynchon's. #remixthis RT @greatdismal #
  • Day's best sound: electronic-bird tweet of 3M Dynatel Locator used by phone company to mark "do not drill" spots in alley #
  • Afternoon stream: Diego Bernal's "Cumbiatches Brew" delivers new exotica breed built on vinyl remains of its predecessors #
  • Saw Park Chan-wook's vampire flick, Thirst. Darn good. Lots of tormented blood-suckers. And cool sound design: vamps have great hearing. #
  • Throbbing Gristle/FM3 create loop device Gristleism. Site: Photo tease: FM3 post: #
  • RIP, Mike Seeger (b. 1933), legendary field-recordist (of the Alan Lomax variety) and folk figure: #
  • Sunday morning foghorn action, deep tones in familiar AAB motif. I'd be a horrible ship captain; I'd get entranced by the sounds, and crash. #
  • Spent an hour at Amoeba (on Haight), listening to the in-house stereo through the arhythmic clatter of clam-shelled CDs being rifled through #

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