Haunting Liz Harris (Grouper) Live MP3

Latest Phoning It In podcast show yet again takes a live performance and flows it through one of the great lofi filters of our time: an ordinary phone line. The guests on Phoning It In, which is broadcast on KDVS FM in Davis, California (where I had a radio show many years ago), range from punk to folk to rock to noise. Liz Harris (aka Grouper) is the latest in an occasional roster of electronic musicians to make their sounds heard, however muffled and distant, on this estimable series. The recording moves steadily from feedback-laden irritants through soft elementary minimalism to its true sweet spot, a rough-hewn, moody shoegazer pop, thick with distorted chamber arrangements and haunting vocals (MP3).

[audio:http://www.phoningitin.net/files/shows/KDVS/2009/Grouper%20-%20Phoning%20It%20In%2008_24_09.mp3|titles=”Phoning It In”|artists=Grouper]

Originally broadcast on August 24 of this year. More details at phoningitin.net. More on Grouper at googlepages.com/grouper and myspace.com/grouperrepuorg.

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