Images of the Week: Tape Art

Perhaps the term “mixtape” hasn’t fully outlived its suffix. There’s been a small flurry of cassette-only releases in recent months, what with the Odd Nosdam split tape on Sanity Muffin (which makes its home page on myspace — at — another technology prematurely reported dead), and the launch of the cassette-only label Tapeworm, with initial release by Philip Jeck, Stephen O’Malley, and Simon Fisher Turner, among others (

There have also been design fetish objects, like lamps (see and, more recently, jewelry (details on Stephanie Simek’s work at

And then there is the tape-ography — that is, the typography in tape form — of Ankara, Turkey-based artist Ersinhan Ersin. It’s an inspiring collection that makes the most of the fragile mechanisms at the core of tapes, the stark differences between the hard plastic gears and the slender ribbons:

Via (via

More on the responsible artist at

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