New Beats from Y?Arcka (MP3)

Long-running favorite Y?Arcka is uploading a beat a week over at his base of operations. It’s all part of his Exhibits A – Z project, and “Exhibit C: StoneWild(Rock)” is particularly strong (MP3). His foundation remains hip-hop, but there’s an emphasis on atmosphere here that suggests an abstract take on contemporary r&b. Characteristic for Y?Arcka (aka Shawn Kelly), it’s a beat-intensive track, with a considered pace, head-nodding rhythm, and a constant interest in switching around the emphasis. Listening to a great Y?Arcka beat is like watching an expert dealer move cards around a table — he plays your senses against your expectations, with a seeming effortlessness that never fails to yield surprise. Give it a listen here, and check back weekly at Y?Arcka’s Bandcamp to keep the pressure on him to deliver.

[audio:|titles=”Exhibit C: StoneWild(Rock)”|artists=Y?Arcka]

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