Top 10 Posts from August

The past month’s visits to were the most heavily dominated by MP3s in recent memory, eight of the top 10 being entries in the site’s Disquiet Downstream series of freely downloadable music.

The two exceptions were images, (1) one of Ron Arad‘s artwork “Concrete Stereo” (1983), from an exhibit at MOMA in Manhattan, and (2) the other of another sound-art piece, Dale Gorfinkel‘s balloon-powered trumpet (as photographed by Julian Wearne).

The eight most popular MP3s were, in no particular order, (3) folktronic pop from Spain’s Bacanal Intruder, (4) a subterranean tour of London featuring Sammie Joplin, (5) an album by Mel on the Chinese netlabel Bypass, (6) synth experiments by Adam Balusik/Room101, (7) a Tony Allen Afrobeat remix by Tim Prebble (aka Subbasshead), (8) Kabir Carter recycling silence, (9) electronic viola loops and drones (by Jordan Dykstra, aka Dash), and (10) mobile soundscapes made available via the Apple iPhone app TweetMic (recorded by Richard Lainhart).

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