Cello & Cassette Loops Live (MP3)

The recording has the rough texture of some lost-then-found artifact, and that shouldn’t be a surprise. The simple fact is that its two constituent components inherently bring texture to the forefront. The performance, a live recording at Flushnik by the duo Battery, consists of “raw cello and bubbling cassette loops.” The former is a tensile fabric of scraped strings, the latter is a lofi fantasia of colluded sound. Together, they’re a deep, lingering, maximalist drone (MP3) on the order of a Michael Gordon crescendo or a Glenn Branca symphony. Battery consists of Bryan Teoh (who records as Always Tokyo) and Erik Schoster (who does so as He Can Jog).

[audio:http://www.archive.org/download/luvs018/BatteryAugust27th2009Take01Take02_vbr.mp3 |titles=”Live at Flushnik”|artists=Battery]

Get the release in a variety of formats at archive.org (including a massive, 100MB-plus you-were-there FLAC file), and visit the releasing netlabel, where it was the single of the week the first week of September 2009, at luvsound.org/singles.

More on Schoster at hecanjog.com, and on Always Tokyo at bryanteoh.com. More on Flushnik Studios, site of the performance, at flushnik.com.

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