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  • Tonight at Mills: music by Nick Didkovsky, Krys Bobrowsky, and (back from Antarctica) Cheryl E. Leonard. Looking forward. #
  • Freeware I love: Firefox, Mozilla, Pidgin, Input Director, Quintessential, Songbird, Dropbox, Volumouse, Dark Room, AVG, GIMP, Evernote #
  • Make that RIP, Robert Kirby (b. 1948). (What I get for Twittering while waking.) Excellent Guardian obit by Colin Irwin: #
  • RIP, Roger Kirby (b. 1948), Nick Drake's arranger (and that of many others, including Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello). #
  • Hadn't noticed this: Gristleism box won't have audio out or DC socket; "hacks" page will post how-to's: #
  • Afternoon sounds — and for much of the weekend: the ear-shattering, nerves-ratting, "Get Your War On" fly-by whoooooosh of the Blue Angels. #
  • Hey, the Eno/Chilvers music app Bloom has upgraded to v. 2.0 — new operation modes, new moods, new sounds. And … "humanised tuning"? #
  • RIP, Suzanne Fiol (at 49), founder of the New York City arts space Issue Project Room: #
  • New "MP3 Discussion Group" on Vertical Ascent, the new Moritz von Oswald Trio album of techno-less techno: #
  • My Android phone updated to OS 1.6. Still no support for USB (preferred) or Bluetooth external keyboard. … Whom do I need to bribe? #
  • Afternoon sounds, in court for jury duty: no audible wheels of justice, but an imposing HVAC system whose undercurrent whispers, The System. #
  • Setting up home wifi shouldn't take three hours and three overseas calls. Do AT&T & Belkin willfully make things difficult for each other? #
  • Amazing how many basic tasks Songbird does better than iTunes, especially for file import, speed, & album art. Still, no record-label field? #
  • Call for assistance: Anyone out there have old issues of epulse, the email zine I founded in 1994 and edited on and off through 2004? #
  • Safely at home, listening to the world outside blow around like something out of The Wizard of Oz. Cozy. #
  • Fave producer-songwriter: Pharrell? Kanye? Missy? Nah, it's Nick Lowe, live four blocks from my house at this very moment. #

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