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  • Why is the Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner not called the Dyson Sphere: Missed opportunity? Copyright issue? In-joke? #
  • Watched 3 Days of the Condor last night for the first time. Seriously reconsidering my lack of attention to Dave Gruisin. #
  • Listening from living room to early-morning traffic; wondering what would be the loudest sound in the house if I got a quieter fridge. #
  • Yow, another fight on my MUNI bus route — a drunk passenger beating up on the driver before running off. #
  • Happiness is a People Under the Stairs instrumental slowed in the Sonorasaurus app with echo decay and delay on at the highest level. #
  • Glenn Branca, former noise hero; now, based on this NYT piece, oddly uninformed curmudgeon: via @jdkun & @jesshopp #
  • Morning sounds: internal HVAC, passing airplanes, and nearby motorcycles — together in perfect harmony. #
  • Just drove 25 straight blocks on Geary Blvd (in San Francisco) with green lights the whole way, a first. Bonus: not a single honk. #
  • Very much appreciating the recent addition of favicons to Google Reader. #
  • RIP, Don Voegeli (b. 1920), composer of one of the most-recorded melodies: All Things Considered theme #
  • There's nothing like coming home to a box full of books from MIT Press. #
  • Now I understand what the SoundCloud DropBox is for. Mine's at — thanks for the explanation, @mrbiggsdotcom #
  • There's something distinctly civilized about page proofs, even in the age of the emailed PDF attachment. #
  • Enough helicopters overhead to form a small chamber ensemble. #
  • Vinyl LP sales up: "$57 million in sales in 2008, … double the previous year and the best for the format since 1990": #
  • Saw movie '(Untitled)' w/ Adam Goldberg as avant-sound composer. Great David Lang score. Funny in-jokes. Not sure it has a point of view. #
  • The passing helicopter is a rock band. The humble office is a speaker with a rattling tweeter. (Pun acknowledged but unintended.) #
  • Pitch control is nice, but I wish my Buddha Machines had a switch to simulate the effect of near-dead batteries. #
  • Just remembered that last night I dreamed I found the complete tab for all of Billy Childish in a bookstore & intended then to buy a guitar. #
  • RIP, Jeanne-Claude (b. 1935), flame-haired partner and wife of immersive installation artist Christo. #
  • Tristan Perich's forthcoming gadget-in-a-CD-jewel-box maybe not the wisest thing to pull out of your bag on a plane: #

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