SoundCloud: Justin Hardison/My Fun’s Seaworthy Drone (MP3)

This week on, all five daily Downstream entries are going to be culled from the great resource, an increasingly prominent online hub where musicians share their work. I’m at

Justin Hardison (aka My Fun), who has a special fondness for gentle electronic textures, is a veteran of various online sound formats, having run a netlabel and recorded for several. Among his recent ports to his page, named for his The Land Of label, is “The Sea, the Sea,” which may or may not have been written under the influence of the Iris Murdoch novel of that name. At just over nine minutes, it’s a water-logged sine wave of a track, the sonic equivalent of grainy footage, swaying to and fro, the static-like sound of gurgling fluids matching, intermingling, and eventually overtaking the lush lull of Hardison’s audio synthesis.

More details on the track at The file can be downloaded using the little down arrow in the above SoundCloud interface. More on Hardison at

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