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  • JJ Abrams always sonically coy: last night's episode of Fringe, Bishop expounds on mental illness while Thelonious Monk plays in background. #
  • RIP, Jeff Clyne (b. 1937), bassist with, among other folks, the UK fusion groups Nucleus and Turning Point: #
  • ♫ Afternoon audiostream: Dominic Dixon's "Year's of Dust": Mellow yet visceral lofi piano, surface noise, & long tones: #
  • Spent the morning reacquainting myself with Son of Bazerk's 'Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk' (1991). I'd visit an alt-universe where they broke big. #
  • Thursday morning sounds: frost on the ground = very few birds. Rough wind, plane overhead, hard drives. #
  • First mix that involving the Gristleism gadget that I've come upon — Source: Thoughts: #
  • RIP, arranger and conductor Torrie Zito (b. 1933), who wrote the string orchestrations for John Lennon's Imagine album: #
  • ♫ Afternoon audiostream: 3 dark industrial drones at the page of (UK) Birmingham's Steve Kavanagh. #
  • The early netlabel Monotonik is on hiatus, maybe forever, after 13 years of operation, per founder @simoncarless: #
  • Unnerving to see flames in public and not hear sirens. VW van on fire near San Francisco Zoo. #
  • RIP, Jack Rose (b. 1971) of drone-folk band Pelt, via @pitchforkmedia #
  • There's a special satisfaction to being first to add new restaurant listings to Just did two today. Crowd-sourcing at its best. #
  • After a steady diet of ambient and drone music, all it took was one 8bit chiptune album on repeat to totally send my heartrate skyward. #

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