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  • "What happens when artists take control of television": 1969 broadcast w/ Nam June Paik, James Seawright, Allan Kaprow. #
  • Good news for fans of Audio Palette app, a looper from Venn Diagram School of Music. Now allows user-generated samples: #
  • I wish "Favoritings" were clickable in @SoundCloud so you could see who else enjoys a given track, and then see what else they enjoy. #
  • NYT: "symphony of violence w/ no adagio"; "hip-hop suite precisely calibrated w/…agitated cinematography" I'm seeing From Paris w/ Love #
  • It might be necessary at some point to have tab-by-tab mute options in web browsers. #
  • Is this new Android phone, the Devour, the first to include Bluetooth HID support? #
  • The TV show Damages doesn't have a score so much as its sonic effects punctuate transitions and undergird scenes. It's splendid. #
  • Great site dedicated to late Peter Schmidt, co-creator w/ Brian Eno of Oblique Strategies, turns 3 today: #
  • RIP, Jane Jarvis (b. 1915), Muzak programmer & background-music player of stadium proportions, as New York Mets organist: #

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