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  • Previous neighbors had two kids. New ones have small dog. In the morning, the quiet (cute, not annoying) scampering sounds the same. #
  • Says something that when Robert Fripp uploads archival recordings from 1970s he singles out "non loop" ideas: #
  • Morning sounds: hard drive, passing bus, passing car, distant siren, the latter barely a wisp but infused with drama. #
  • Android users who write can rejoice. This Bluetooth HID support, BlueInput, looks for real. Will test this weekend: #
  • Had looked forward to album by CSI composer John Keane but it's all singer-songwriter stuff, not the techno-ambient scoring he's known for. #
  • Got PR emails for 6 remix contests in last 24 hours. Much as I love the concept, has it mainstreamed smoothly, or jumped the shark? #
  • Listening to new Autechre album, Oversteps. Has it only been two years since Quaristice? Feels like forever. #
  • I don't go to 7-Eleven often, but every time I do, I look at the magazine rack & realize I'm hoping Scratch Magazine's been revived. #
  • Most notable sound of the week: the tiny, tinny, fragile crackle of my dad's hearing aids after he removes them at the end of the day. #
  • My father just showed me photos of a hawk he was stalking this morning. Not certain he has subject and object straight. #
  • The helicopter passed the apartment, then veered right and continued into the distance slowly, seeming to hover but getting ever more quiet. #
  • Will some future generation not know the life-pausing sensation inherent in the computer's status bar? #

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