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  • Hearing the sound world processed in realtime on iPhone/Touch with the @rjdj app = sonic heaven. It just hit build 0.9.9: #
  • RT @soundscrapers I swear that the sound of brewing coffee is just as enticing as the smell. #
  • First major change to our domestic soundscape: the city's paving the street. Will it dampen traffic noise or will cars drive faster/louder? #
  • Headed across town in minivan masquerading as a taxi, its aged hull creaking like I'm deep in the bowels of a leaky sailboat lost at sea. #
  • Great office sounds: business cards shuffled into a deck, printer settling into sleep mode, muffled chatter from closed conference rooms. #
  • Desk across from mine covered with 200+ plastic shot glasses. Sounds of them being stacked, unstacked, moved around is the music of my day. #
  • This would be an awesome Firefox addon: In Google Contacts you click on an email address; it triggers the default email client, not Gmail. #
  • Morning sounds: matter of potential energy; construction equipment perched on street, awaiting hour when it may begin pneumatic pounding. #
  • Morning listening: Larry Johnson's mix of field recordings from the great Wandering Ear netlabel: #
  • Generally not a proponent of elective surgery, but glad to have upgraded the RAM from 1Gb to 2 on my new (and great) Toshiba NB305 laptop. #
  • Monday morning sounds: more than anything, the uptick in car traffic, and the slightly tighter bus schedule, signal start of a workweek. #
  • More LiveMetallica set-detail intensity: "first performance of Shortest Straw in 2010. only played six times in 2009 after 12-year absence." #
  • Bonus: BBC Radiophonic book in August: … RT @stasisfield Saturday for Delia Derbyshire fans: #
  • LiveMetallica-release trainspotting detail is extraordinary: "third performance of Sanitarium in 2010. last played January 31 in Sao Paulo" #
  • Lee Scratch Perry's 73th birthday yesterday; JS Bach's 325th today. Seems like a good time to put the Solo Cello Suites through a Kaoss Pad. #
  • Having one of those "Exactly how many of my browsers' tabs are emitting sound?" moments … #
  • Sunday morning sounds: clack of intermittent typing from across the house, through mild droning haze of heater, hard drive, & fridge. #
  • Another great Virginia Heffernan sound article, on the origin, shape, artificiality, & inherent human-made-ness of beeps: #
  • Local church bells ring at 10:30. Recollecting what Gilbert & George said about this when they visited @deyoungmuseum — must revisit notes. #
  • Belated RIP, Jun Seba (瀬場 潤, b. 1974), Japanese hip-hop DJ/producer better known as Nujabes. Audio & tribute: #

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