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  • Great moment in Fringe last night, when opening theme (along with the graphics) is remade as if it had been recorded in synth-happy 1985. #
  • The rain seems muted — looks so much heavier than it sounds. Our house is solid, but not that solid. The disconnect is downright eerie. #
  • Is there a way to search for a specific word within a Twitter list? #
  • #ff @soundscrapers @robotdancerobot @tommoody @fashioningtech @carlstone @rjwheaton @robinrimbaud @dbernalmusic @rootstrata @audiobulb #
  • Wasn't gettin 1st-geniPad but @rjdj dev may open my wallet. Wondering how realtime audio processing works on device less mobile than iPhone. #
  • The @touchmusic podcast appears in its RSS feed before its website. Glitchy goodness now at & later at #
  • Cesar Chavez Day reminds me that most holidays are moments of (something like) silence: fewer people, emptier buses & streets, closed shops. #
  • RIP, Paul Dunlap (b. 1919), whose film scores include The Angry Red Planet, I Was a Teenage Werewolf, The Naked Kiss, & Lost Continent. #
  • Tuesday evening: Cold, hard, fast, sudden rain on a flat, tarred, converted-industrial-site roof. #
  • Nice touch at end of last night's Damages, when lullaby melody is truncated, left unresolved — a model of how the show functions overall. #
  • Happiness is talking with cabbie about Miles Davis on ride across town while rain drizzles & Live at Fillmore blares as we cross Fillmore. #
  • When garbage trucks arrive Monday mornings I hear the "backing-up beep" yet it's an aural illusion triggered by engines & pulsing lights. #
  • Sinatra sounds surprisingly like Mantovani when filtered through the thick interior walls of a nearly 90-year-old house. #
  • Not sure where the wash of distant traffic and the hum of nearby hard drives end, and where the high-pitched noise of my own ears begins. #

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