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  • Outside in the Richmond District, a gorgeous symphony for foghorns and birdsong. #
  • I think I need a self-imposed simile embargo. #
  • The music section of the @make website is like some ongoing, geographically distributed electronica Manhattan project: #
  • Enjoying new version of "open-source iTunes" program by @songbirdteam — major improvement: no longer see the Edge every time it turns on. #
  • Morning sounds: no alarm clock, but two airplanes in quick succession, chugging overhead like tug boats in the sky. #
  • Drizzly morning: Falun Gong under the Bill Graham eves, tinny radio echoing like a Lilliputian / Horton Hears a Who-ian orchetra. #
  • Between ebooks and flat-screen TVs, living rooms look more and more like they did in François Truffaut's film version of Fahrenheit 451. #
  • RIP, Tobias Wong (b. 1974), meta/para/trans-designer. Someone I would have like to have spoken with. #
  • Time-lapse video of the installation @sjmusart of Mark Hansen & Ben Rubin's The Listening Post: #
  • Current office noises: tea-kettle copier, white-noise fans, mouse clicking, distant automobiles, one slow-moving plane. #
  • When the MUNI bus passes the house at midnight, it sounds empty. #
  • The surveillance sign near the giant Zhang Huan sculpture in San Francisco at city hall seems like an addition courtesy of Ai Weiwei / @aiww #
  • Five of us are discussing the new Oval (aka Markus Popp) album, Oh, this week here: His first such effort in a decade. #
  • Morning sounds: hard drives, virtually no cars. Is it simply early, or is the Memorial Day holiday quiet extending further into the week? #
  • Buying music online after hours on a national holiday. Such a pleasure. #
  • From Grandpapier's 24hr-comic session Pascal Matthey on hearing loss, sound, airplanes: via @madinkbeard @mmaddencomics #
  • Which is more annoying: Nigerian Craigslist frauds? Publicists who don't identify musical characteristics of acts/records they're pitching? #

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