22Tape’s Broken Instrumental Hip-Hop (MP3)

The mix of found noises and hip-hop-derived beats that comprise “Saloon Shwagger” render the track, by 22tape (aka Jared Dunne), absolutely irresistible. It’s from his MosaicChangeTone EP, available for free download. “Shwagger” is all looping horns and these splayed beats that break apart in time for sauntering piano, brief call-outs, and stereoscopic droning. On Soundcloud.com, where the track is hosted, he labels the music “vinylistic downbeat hip/glitch hop,” which isn’t far off — the “vinylistic” suggests music that’s indebted to early, LP-based hip-hop, even if it’s constructed on computer (hence the qualifying “-istic” suffix); the “downbeat” speaks to its tempo, which is slow as can be without losing sight of its downbeat; the “hip/” clarifies that the “glitch” is not of the abstract variety from whence the word comes; and the “hop” seals the deal, brings it all home:

Original track at soundcloud.com/22tape. More on 22tape at 22tape.blogspot.com and myspace.com/22tape.

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