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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

Tangents: Apple’s iOS, Recursive Remixes, Sonic ID

Recommended reading, news, and so forth elsewhere:

The developers of the iOS app Sonorasaurus weigh in on Apple’s restrictions on developers. Let’s just say the situation is a tad more complicated than Steve Jobs suggested in his presentation today (via “10:14AM What about the ones we don’t approve? Well why is that? What are the reasons? 1: the app doesn’t do what you said it would. 2: It uses private APIs… and if they change the app will break… and the third reason? They crash.”) Here’s Sonorasaurus’ take, from

Why can’t I use the music from the iPod section? Why do I have to add files and maintain a separate library for Sonorasaurus? The answer to this is basically that Apple does now want you to be able to use your iPod library. Applications like Sonorasaurus, and many other music apps, are restricted from using the songs in the iPod library. We have done everything we can in terms of compromises by including iTunes File sharing and an HTTP Server, but until Apple lifts the iPod library restriction we are not able to give you the most convenient option possible. Why the restriction is in place continues to baffle us. We have sat and tried to think of pros and cons to give the issue a sense of purpose and balance, but so far nothing seems to go in the CONS column.

News courtesy of Roddy Schrock of in Manhattan: some codes for discounts on the institution’s summer classes (info at “SUMMER” will get you $100 off; for two people taking a class together, “COLLAB” will reduce the cost to $300/person; and for three people taking a class together, use “GROUPIE” to get the cost to $250. Classes include Kaho Abe‘s alternative controls for game play.

SoundWalk2010 will be held in Long Beach, California, on October 9 of this year. Deadline for submissions is Sunday, August 1. More info at

Alan Lockett‘s write-up at of the Moritz von Oswald Trio draws from the “MP3 Discussion Group” of the group’s recent work (see

The website is an ongoing “recursive remix project” (along the lines of the “remix tree” at

The website notes a great New York Times correction: “A dance review on Friday … misidentified the author of the text to which David Neumann‘s Tough the Tough (redux) is set. The author is Will Eno — not the musician Brian Eno.”

Martyn Ware (of Human League and Heaven 17) is a partner in, along with Noel Franus and Dan Kirby. Their mission? “[T]o demystify sonic branding and identity and give it the same credence as other design disciplines.”

By Marc Weidenbaum

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