Instrumental Jazz-Meets-Electronica MP3

Upright bass? Check. Taut, mechy beat? Check. Loungey echo? Check. Washboard chucka-chucka? Check. Light keys? Check. Sudden break? Check. Entirely refreshing? Check. The opening track from David Rinman‘s Beyond the Billows of Boom continues the Dusted Wax label’s string of jazz-meets-electronica releases in fine form. Titled “Based On Instrumental” (MP3), the piece mixes up brief samples of instruments — samples long enough to have musical form, but brief enough that the repetition plays up the tension between inherent acoustic resonance and the 20/20 hindsight of instant, continuous repetition. With each return to that funky little bass riff, the analog sound drifts toward digital, its looseness providing something retroactively formal. Rinman plays up the rhythm by switching out the drums, or introducing florid elements toward the end, including a bright keyboard line and some sublimated chanting.

[audio:|titles=”Based On Instrumental”|artists=David Rinman]

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