Souns MP3, Circa 2004

“Morning Island” is the title of one of two 2004 tracks by Souns recently “unearthed” and posted as part of the Panospria netlabel’s ever-expanding catalog of freely downloadable music. The track (MP3) was taped live during a performance at the Shambhala Music Festival in Nelson, British Columbia. Souns lists the equipment used as “DJ mixer, 2 CDJ-1000s with pre-prepared CDs, a Line-6 loop pedal, DD66 delay, and a microphone.” The track takes raw field recordings (surf, bird calls, small rough noises) and gossamer synthesis into a gentle blend. The real-world noise serves as a sort of backdrop to the generated sounds, though sometimes foreground and background are reversed. The bird calls stand in textural contrast to the slow undulations and ring tones, yet at the same time, their looping (whether by nature, or software) finds a common ground with the man-made elements heard here — a certain dependability, a certain rote-ness, a certain comfortable lassitude.

[audio:|titles=”Morning Island”|artists=Souns]

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