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  • Why do voices on art podcasts so often sound like they're emanating from a bunker? Perhaps its wishful thinking on my part. #
  • There's a special quality to the group sigh at the end of the credits to a movie like Predators when there's no extra surprise clip. #
  • So addicted to Uni-Ball Signo Bit .18 gel pens that the .25 feel downright muddy, inky, thick, garish. #
  • Amazing the number of (visual) art galleries on @twitter & @facebook but not on @flickr #
  • Man, the Autechre / Move of Ten album discussion is going great — 20 posts and counting, lovers and dissenters: #
  • Second iPad sighting on the bus. Screen's filthy, like a car windshield after a summer drive across Texas. #
  • A bunch of us are discussing the new Autechre EP, titled Move of Ten, at — feel free to join in. #
  • 16: Number of minutes between @downloadsquad announcement of Firefox 4 (beta) & site's 1st F4-hack tutorial (removing "big orange button"). #
  • 3 of my 4 fave Tbird extensions don't work in 3.1: CompactMenu 2 (3.1), MaximizeMessagePane (1.1), QuickText (0.9). Just ArchiveThis (1.4). #
  • At certain volumes (very loud, very quiet), all hip-hop is instrumental hip-hop. Right now experiencing the latter via @pandora_radio #
  • World out of sync today: iTunes (forgot I have it on manual), LiveSync (one filename was too long), Google Contacts (no idea). #
  • That Feelies/Cure-ish new Battles song is only on the extendo version of the Twilight: Eclipse soundtrack. #
  • July 4 fireworks are like popcorn: the longer the the gap gets between them, the sooner it's done. #
  • Web 2.0 will have fulfilled its promise when we can easily cross-reference models of vacuum cleaners & isolating earbuds. #
  • Man, poor Chicago. Just a few days after Aaron Dodd passed: RIP, free-jazz saxophonist Fred Anderson (b. 1929) #
  • OK, once during Red, as Molina/Rothko stared at a painting with his back to the audience, I did wonder if Doc Ock's mecha-arms would appear. #
  • Enabled @wordpress "threaded comments" on; conversations clearer now. Not clear how to let some users comment w/o moderation. #
  • Sunday morning = John Fahey, Lovesliescrushing, Ava Mendoza. #
  • I Am Love: Melodrama! Field-recording sound design! John Adams score! Tilda Swinton! Flashbacks! Daydreams! Yow. See this on a big screen. #

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