Tangents: Listening Day, iOS Thawing, Creative Commons, …

Recommended reading, news, and so forth elsewhere:

Just a reminder that this coming Sunday, July 18, will be World Listening Day: worldlisteningproject.org. The date was selected because it is the birthday of composer and sound ecologist R. Murray Schafer. … Peter Kirn at createdigitalmusic.com looks into whether, and if so to what extent, Apple’s iOS is allowing apps to access the iTunes music library. … In related news, an iOS (aka iPhone/Touch) app, Soundstations, that allows you to mix nature sounds with your music: appscout.com. … Now this is noise-metal, all the songs on a single Slayer album played simultaneously: noiseforairports.com. … An installation by artist Luke Jerram, in coordination with the charitable organization Sing for Hope, brought 60 pianos to the streets of New York City: cnn.com (via twitter.com/soundscrapers). … Details on the Christian Marclay exhibit running at the Whitney through September 26: whitney.org (plus a photo essay at nytimes.com). … Alan Wexelblat at copyfight.corante.com continues the discussion about my position that, as he puts it, “even if the current record industry structure went away there would still be music, still be musicians.” … I weighed in on a discussion about ASCAP’s absurd targeting of Creative Commons as some sort of enemy of musicians, over at Molly Sheridan‘s artsjournal.com/gap.

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