Floppy Disk Memories (1997)

A package arrived in the mail recently containing the above artifact, a floppy disk labeled “epulse 1997.” It contained most of the issues of epulse published that year. Epulse was a zine I founded in 1994 at Tower Records, where I was an editor from 1989 through 1996. I left the company in 1996 to join Citysearch.com, and continued writing freelance for the magazines (in addition to epulse, there was the flagship, Pulse!, and a magazine I co-founded, Classical Pulse!). Epulse, somewhat advanced for its time, was published only via email: 1997 was its third full year of existence, and it ran through 2002.

Anyhow, I flipped through the issues and located seven stories I’d written that hadn’t yet been archived here at Disquiet.com, so here they are, all from 1997, reviews of: (1) a split single by Asian Dub Foundation and Atari Teenage Riot, (2) a soundtrack album of work by Toru Takemitsu (Woman in the Dunes), (3) a Chicago Hope episode that nodded heavily, and self-consciously, in the direction of Dennis Potter, (4) a single by early Rephlex artist Kiyoshi Izumi, (5) an album (Sci-Fi Cafe) of sci-fi theme covers including Loop Guru doing Star Trek and Electric Skychurch doing a Brian Eno track from Dune, (6) Gianluigi Trovesi Octet‘s album Les Hommes Armes (on Soul Note: “trad jazz elements … fused with electronic noise”), and (7) a reissue of the David Foster Wallace and Mark Costello book Signifying Rappers (Ecco).

Thanks for the disk go to Jason Verlinde (of fretboardjournal.com), who took over the editing of epulse when I left the company (years later I took it back on as a freelance project).

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