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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Next Tuesday, the "MP3 Discussion Group" at will yap about Thomas Köner's Permafrost @_type reissue. Stream: #
  • Artificial light allowed for "nightlife" & was later deemed a "moral force" by FDR. Elizabeth Royte on Jane Brox's study: #
  • Philly instrumental hip-hop day: 1st @whyarcka – then Small Professor, then Hustle Simmons tracks by Tha S Ence. Now: Aeon Got Beats Vol. 1. #
  • I left New Orleans seven years ago next week, and still have the same 504 cell number. It's my information age tattoo. #
  • Fennesz coming to U.S. in September (SF, LA, NYC, DC, Philly, Boston, Austin, Vancouver, Chicago, Seattle) A rare tour #
  • Great news on Urbanized by @gary_hustwit (Helvetica, Objectified). Soundtrack cues? Maybe Einstürzende Neubauten, Future Sound of London? #
  • Dig Inception's glacial Piaf slowdown? Check out Alan Morse Davies; here's his "Gloomy Sunday" (Whiteman, not Holiday) #
  • Beautiful realization: major Inception orchestral theme is Edith Piaf song slowed down #
  • Morning sounds: hard drives, shower, bus. #
  • Bland uniformity of @soundcloud pages (as service expands in scope) proving to be navigation detriment; Twitter-style backgrounds would help #
  • Maybe treacly @starbucks music is meant to reduce length of one's visit the way received wisdom has it about uncomfortable @mcdonalds seats. #
  • Incredible number of emails from music publicists with nary genre nor adjective in 'em. "Here's a great record. Please listen." #
  • When you're indoors and tells you that your bus is "Arriving," hearing it arrive at that moment is just laying it on. #
  • Time-lapse phonography; sounds like abstract Girl Talk: by @soundplusdesign #
  • My idea of #idosing — wandering around city listening to Shane Carruth's score to Primer, keeping an eye out for quantum timeslips. #
  • I hope someone's collecting and cataloging all these automobile sounds before the hybrids take over. #
  • Cantina Band pondering move to new @creativecommons galaxy-spanning license; Meco hopeful to follow #wookieleaks #
  • Forget fidelity. Few things lost as quickly in shared music than transitions between tracks — well, that and liner-note information. #
  • ♫ Afternoon audio stream: live analog-synth activity from Keith Fullerton Whitman #
  • Unintended definition of techno music: search Google for "4/4" and it tells you the answer is "1" #
  • So many of my Mac-centric friends use Microsoft mice, and now I'm hoping for Win7 support of the new Apple Magic Trackpad. #
  • New issue of Applied Cognitive Psychology ponders if background music is deleterious to intellectual pursuits #
  • Ah, silly me. Primer score via @amazon, just buried in search listings after heap of file-sharing spam-site gobbledygook #
  • Multi-hyphen Shane Carruth's lo-fi sci-fi mind-fu Primer streaming free via @io9 — but how to get ahold of his score? #
  • RIP, trumpeter Harry Beckett (b. 1935), veteran of Jah Wobble, David Sylvian, Adrian Sherwood & many jazz greats (Charles Mingus among 'em). #
  • Listening to Dave Gruisin's score to Three Days of the Condor while pondering the potential of last night's promising Rubicon premiere. #
  • Scored 18 of the first 19 issues of Cabinet Magazine yesterday. #
  • Mysterious afternoon outdoors drone again. Let's assume this time it isn't to be followed by another off-shore quake. #
  • Test your noise-blocking earbuds: can you enjoy @douglasbenford remix while rest of cafe's stuck with ELO & Stevie Nicks? #
  • RIP Morris Pert (b.1947) Brand X alum, score composer/contributor (Man Who Fell to Earth, Killing Fields), session player #
  • Will the Carolinian/Piedmont Amtrak line (NYC to Duke) sport uptick in old-school graffiti come start of Sept? LP-as-art: #
  • RIP, Willem Breuker (b. 1944), Dutch jazz figure #conceptual #improvisation #avant #
  • Sound design in Salt has pleasingly noisy Messiaen-ic church scene, but also one of James Newton Howard's most paint-by-numbers scores. #
  • Got @firefox .0.1 upgrade (3.6.7 to 3.6.8): "single stability issue affecting some pages containing plugins"; hopefully less crashtastic. #
  • A cold, early, summer Sunday is the quietest daylight time in San Francisco: fewer buses, no birds. #
  • Stumbled on these these beautiful mid-century teak Griffin speakers while looking for a credenza: #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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