Images of the Week: Nicolai’s Theorem

Images from the art exhibit “Moiré” by Carsten Nicolai, perhaps better known in the world of electronic music as Alva Noto. The show ran at the Pace Gallery in Manhattan from May 21 through June 25 of this year:

The exhibit is associated with Nicolai’s recent book, also titled Moiré, which follows his similar collection Grid. Both volumes present numerous examples of the stark geometries defined by the books’ titles. Moiré is a meta-sequel to Grid, in that it focuses on how multiple patterns, when combined, produce the illusion of a subsequent pattern. The exhibit presents a range of op art that plays with viewers’ perceptions. What’s especially interesting is how the patterning mirrors Nicolai’s vibrant-yet-spartan musical output.

Images from the review by Geeta Dayal at of the show (in which she reports, “Nicolai’s visual work is so well integrated with his work in sound that while there’s no music to be heard here — unless the hum of an air compressor counts — you can see music in everything.”), and from the gallery’s website,

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