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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • RIP, Chris Dedrick (b. 1947) of Free Design: Enoch Light alum; influenced Stereolab, Cornelius (reissued them on Trattoria); screen composer #
  • One of those days when I realize I've 4 cameras on various objects w/ me, & that's in my (truly) light bag. Would be 5 if iPod Touch had 1. #
  • First Nolan/Zimmer's Inception theme, then Bieber at 800%. What will be the next slo-mo sound phenomenon? #
  • Morning sounds: hard drives whirring, heater coming on, city buses rattling. The fog horns have abated. #
  • Recent email contest for new Books CD asked readers to name fave recent novel. Interesting list, largely lit-fic and sci-fi. #
  • Transformers 3: Rise of the Makers #diyfilms #
  • Use MySpace? (Jokes aside, tons of musicians do.) Act on newly simple apps-blocking options in updated privacy settings: #
  • #ff brick-layers: @sfemf @icainboston @vinylathletes * brick-makers: @mapmap @gregdavismusic @markemorse @mariplasma @greg_pond #
  • Foghorns especially garrulous tonight. Me thinks they've been reading some China Miéville in the off hours. #
  • Forget the #webisdead silliness in the September @wired — the issue has not one but two Moog stories, including a gorgeous prototype pic. #
  • RIP, Bill Millin (b. 1922), the Scottish bagpiper whose D-Day role was immortalized in the film The Longest Day. #sonicweapons #
  • The device in Mad Men ep4 this season (the secretary can hear the phone but can't be heard) is called a "mother-in-law" #
  • Entire house vibrating as the apartment complex down the street undergoes a pneumatic intervention. Think "Steve Reich meets Consolidated." #
  • Great @gregdavismusic modular analog last night, + tangerine dreaminess ( ) & folk drones ( #
  • Netlabels without RSS feeds are arguably more confusing than art museums without @flickr accounts. #
  • Update: the Sep30/Oct1 yarn I'll be spinning about serial + visual storytelling (aka comics) has moved to Denver from Boulder #planningness #
  • Looking forward to @gregdavismusic tonight at the Hemlock. #
  • Sad day for crate diggers: Fat Beats closing its NY & LA stores via @shocklee #
  • A little pre-noon James Blackshaw … #
  • New Aronofsky looks like Center Stage mashed with X-Men. (I'm especially happy it means a new Clint Mansell score.) via @popcandy @brubaker #
  • ♫ Afternoon movie score: "Self Defense" cue by Ranju Majumdar from indie thriller @determinism streaming on @soundcloud #
  • Mistook passing airplane for weekly noon-Tuesday San Francisco emergency-warning siren; briefly thought it was two hours later than it is. #
  • Thanks, Hannes Pasqualini (, who drew my Twitter background this month. More on the Bolanzo, Italy, artist #
  • Many thanks again to @dylanhorrocks for providing the original illustration for my Twitter account last month (7/20-8/16) #
  • RIP, Robert Wilson (b. 1957?), Gap Band bassist. Check out 37 tracks that sample 'em (Snoop, Paris, Nas): via @shocklee #
  • New email newsletter Wed. includes contest for Books' recent CD, The Way Out. Subscribe here: #
  • "I Am Sitting in a Room Podcasting" RT @rootstrata live loop fail #
  • Having nothing to do with this, but very pleased that it exists: #
  • There have been many great developments in music e-tailing. Searching for an 11-track release before @emusic rolls over is not one of them. #
  • Happy 1st anniversary to @new_people in SF's Japantown. Impressive that its Superfrog Gallery y'day could block loud street-festival bands. #
  • When mashups happen in "real" life: right now Social D & Nas playing separate stages @sfoutsidelands — listening in distance for the merge. #
  • Great free composed-field-recording release by @landrecorder at I wrote the liner notes. Thanks for the invite, @sbtrmnl #
  • For the record, I'm not in Hayward, California, despite what the weirdly inaccurate @twitter auto-location service often seems to believe. #
  • The 1/2 quarter-speed / 1/2 hyper-speed dub of Mala's "Don't Let Me Go" (new Soul Jazz 12", flip of Four Tet) is killer #
  • I'm closer to @sfoutsidelands physically than @twitter-ly. Don't think I've seen one Tweet on it this entire weekend, though it is trending. #
  • I do realize I have conflated some Internet colleagues into one imagined individual, whereas other multiple avatars are in fact one person. #
  • Unlike Gilbert&George, I have no political issue with church bells. But when they ring other than on hour or half hour they're disorienting. #
  • Impressive. Over 300 active netlabels (free, legal) listed by @displatypus … My list (merely 114) #
  • Morning sounds: shower, dryer, hard drives, plane, and (likely imagined, as it's still early) rumbling of the nearby Outside Lands Festival. #
  • Think I'm going this morning to hear Kitaro play in Japantown @new_people — never sure if he's Japan's Jean Michael Jarre or its Mantovani. #
  • Enjoying the modern silent film that is driver after driver talking on speaker phone (or Bluetooth earbud) behind windshields. #tati2010 #
  • Enjoying the 8bit Steve Reich that is standing in line amid multiple beeping cash registers. #
  • Boston alert: @callithumpian doing Gavin Bryars' Sinking of the Titanic on Aug 20 @icainboston #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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