Tangents: Copyright Dialog, White Noise, Classic Rock …

The Social Politics of MP3 Blogs, in Real Time: Extended comments section to a blog post, in which sound artist Hans Peter Kuhn has it out with a blogger who had posted MP3s of his recordings: 433rpm.blogspot.com (via twitter.com/robinrimbaud). Here’s a very brief condensation: Kuhn: “I am one of the two copyright owner I know that I never granted you the rights to do so. Please delete the download button from your blog.” Blogger: “I have no idea why after 26 years you don’t want any one to hear this, are you ashamed of this work?” Kuhn: “I am not talking about big moneys but to click a link is too little. … I am proud of it, that is why it is not free, it has a value. That does not always means only money, but money is the easiest way to trade and unfortunately money is the term we have to live with.” As for me: I remain fascinated that the blogger’s instinct, in his/her very first reply to Kuhn, was immediately to respond obnoxiously to the musician whom he/she purports to admire.

Chompin’ at the Bit: Always worth seeing how the intersection of music and gadgets is interpreted by the gadget press, though the response by gizmodo.com wasn’t particularly appreciative of Tristan Perich‘s elegant 1-Bit Symphony (pictured above): “It’s hardly music, and I very much doubt you’ll get your money’s worth in terms of plays per dollar.” Here’s my initial take, from November of last year: disquiet.com; somewhat anticipating the gadget press, I wrote it up in the classic tech-fetishist mode: the “unboxing.” Elsewhere, the Wall Street Journal says, “The music initially calls to mind robot language from a 1960s sci-fi movie, or perhaps Pac-Man gone minimalist, yet it’s not a gimmick. The oscillations have an intense, hypnotic force and a surprising emotional depth” (wsj.com).

Meddle Orb: David Gilmour, guitarist of Pink Floyd, is teaming with the techno production outfit the Orb (Alex Patterson and Youth — via pitchfork.org, via twitter.com/0pn). The album is titled Metallic Spheres and is due out October 4. How will it compare to Youth’s work with Paul McCartney as the Fireman (Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest, 1993; Rushes, 1998; Electric Arguments, 2008) — or, for that matter, Eric Clapton‘s Retail Therapy (with Simon Climie as TDF, 1997)?

In Brief: Program for this year’s Ars Electronica: aec.at, first week of September in Linz, Austria. … Belated belated 10th-birthday wishes to Little Sound DJ (the-palm-sound.blogspot.com). … Are there enough white-noise apps yet that one could be called Yet Another White Noise Generator? This one is called SimplyNoise: simplynoise.com (via appscout.com). … Peter Kirn picks up my (disquiet.com) discussion of his talk about the meaning of the word “digital”: createdigitalmusic.com.

Site Maintenance: Doing a little interface experimentation. Added a “tweet” button to posts (Twitter is the first, and in many ways only, social network I’ve actively participated in, at twitter.com/disquiet), as well as the ability to subscribe to comments from individual posts via email. Not 100% sure I’ll keep either (it’s not that difficult to tweet in the first place, and the comments feed is available from the RSS icon in the browser nav bar), but we’ll see.

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