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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Next Buddha Machine "Chan Fang" 禅房 is Chinese classical instruments: "Pure melody: no heavy reverb, layers of delay or any other processing" #
  • 1,000 Buddha Machines, sitting in a grid: #
  • Excellent scrap paper at the San Francisco Public Library: Christian Marclay would approve. #
  • RIP, Keith Barr (b. 1949), Alesis founder and developer of ADAT (digital audio tape) #
  • Reminder: 9/5 is last day of Shanghai exhibit @asianartmuseum in SF; neon sound art "Landscape" (2007) by Shen Fan (ç”凡) is a must-see/hear. #
  • In the past 24 hours, both the Ghostly Discovery (1.50) and Buddha Machine (2.1) iOS apps were updated to allow for background play. #
  • Marvin Hamlisch named conductor of Pasadena Pops. Does this mean we'll have an orchestral night of the music of Steven Soderbergh films? #
  • Nostalgia can be measured. It equals the length of time between when one attends a concert & when one begins to look for a bootleg thereof. #
  • #ff @fieldnoiseaudio @dubfiction @sfemf @soundtrackerdoc @whyarcka @my_fun @davidholmes (not the one you think); off-topic: @twart1st #
  • Vaguely remembering pager slang. #
  • Zorn/[email protected]: great. Four songs, improvised, the third with Mike Patton joining in. Riley sang as well as played piano; Zorn beamed. #
  • Headed to Yoshi's for 8pm Zorn+Riley duo. How it's (reportedly) not sold out, I dunno. The 10pm Zorn+Frith+Patton reportedly has sold out. #
  • Ghost of record-retail's past: #
  • RIP, literary critic Frank Kermode (b. 1919), a cornerstone of my college education. #
  • Music by Philip Glass, Jonathan Coulton, Moby in geometric-remix game Chime (for charity) . Clear summary: (via bradonnm) #
  • Bill Laswell's Method of Defiance (w/ Kondo, Krush, Worrell) has signed up at #
  • Great zombie-hand-in-pixel-sea cover art by Hannes Pasqualini for Plain Flavored's netlabel frelease Chipmusic in G Minor #
  • Caught the Glasshouse gallery-as-home exhibit by Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry at Marina Abramović West tonigh; lots of sound, not all domestic. #
  • When fulfills an online order, the email confirmation receipt tells you how much it'll pay to buy back previous purchases. #
  • Near-silence in library suddenly dispelled by loud, and quite hi-fidelity, ringtone of Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)." #
  • Slonimsky would have even RT'd John Stuart Mill: "I was seriously tormented by the thought of the exhaustibility of musical combinations." #
  • More Nicolas Slonimsky: "Musicians do not manufacture material goods and therefore, like poets, must subsist parasitically." #
  • Twitter's digital liquefaction has me in Hayward again. Odd, 'cause I see the Pacific Ocean & Golden Gate Park where I'm standing @support #
  • Twitter was made for Nicolas Slonimsky. On conductors: "convenient to have a leader whose function is to give the signal to begin the music" #
  • Still convinced #dubstep is a successful rebranding of #illbient Great free hour-long mix by Matta at (via @adnoiseam) #
  • Testing the photo-posting option in Android Hootsuite: #
  • Hot: 80 degrees inside. Odd night, sleeping with window open — rarity in these parts. Fell asleep to insect chatter; woke to passing geese. #
  • Oddly fixated on whether or not the favicon for Google Calendar will switch from 31 to 30 when August gives way to September. #
  • Neat web-based "DJ player" for Soundcloud (includes modest little looper) via @davidholmes @haynes_dave #
  • RIP, songwriter George David Weiss (b. 1921; "Can't Help Falling in Love," "Wonderful World," "Lion Sleeps Tonight") #wimoweh #
  • ♫ Morning sounds: initial release, all low-lying techno by Bartek Kawula, on the brand new netlabel (via @ario et al.) #
  • When I read Eno collaborates with Jon Hopkins, I think Johns Hopkins, meaning Baltimore, meaning Matmos, which unfortunately isn't the case. #
  • The music last night on Rubicon ("Connect the Dots") was its best yet. Is Peter Nashel still on the show, or is it a new composer? #
  • There's gotta be a nearby alternate universe where the manga Gantz and the Webkinz company Ganz are one and the same. #
  • Seems ironic: audio-book version of Gordon Hempton's One Square Inch of Silence: One Man’s Search for Natural Silence in a Noisy World. #
  • RIP, inventor Robert W. Gundlach (b. 1926), leading figure in development of Xerox #copyleft #
  • Zimoun will have piece @_TheLab_ (SF) group show 9/17-10/9, 2010, w/ Koski, Chapple, Bowen, Haynes/Parker, Crofton, Jorritsma, Thwaites … #
  • Brian Eno signing with Warp Records is as if Miles Davis had left Columbia not for Warner Bros. but for ECM. #
  • Sometimes I have to remind myself that when someone describes something as "dissonant noise" it's intended as a pejorative. #
  • Morning sound: 1st evidence of birdsong in weeks. Like someone added a vocal to the standard instrumental track of hard drive, bus, & plane. #
  • Passing boombox, a floor below, raspy as all get-out: an FM station through busted speakers on draining batteries powering rusted wires … #
  • Twilight:Shojo::True Blood:Yaoi. #
  • Me & 10 ancient ladies buying dim sum. Hard to believe the steadily percolating background chatter would be foreground if I knew Chinese. #
  • Whenever I am inundated by news about Vin Scully, I am momentarily surprised by the popularity of architectural criticism. #
  • Just realized you already can subscribe to comments on individual posts on my site. Guess I can check that off my to-do list. #
  • Firemen walk in & out of Toronado to deal with fire in basement, while bar remains full of people drinking. Outside kids stare at the trucks #
  • Morning sounds: passing cars resounding like waves, hard drives buzzing like insects. Everyday tech is a sound menagerie. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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