Top 10 Posts & Searches from August 2010

By far, the most viewed story this month was (1) a piece I wrote about the acoustemological memory of John Lurie, drawing from Tad Friend‘s story about the Lounge Lizard jazz musician from the New Yorker (“Incident Far From South Street: John Lurie’s Tragic Acoustemology”).

Also among the most read, non-free-download entries were (2) the MP3 Discussion Group conversing about Thomas Köner‘s glacial album Permafrost, (3) “On the Sudden Popularity of Glacial Sound” (connecting Justin Bieber and Inception, and pondering what’s next), (4) a consideration of the word “digital,” (5) the latest in the Sketches of Sound series (this time drawn by Italian artist Hannes Pasqualini), (6) instructions on “How to Submit Music (& Apps) for Review on,” and (7) one of the weekly roundups of tweets (which considered, among other things, Chris Dedrick, MySpace, fog horns, China Miéville, Bill Millin, Steve Reich, and Twitter’s often inaccurate geo-location tool).

Rounding out the top 10 were three Downstream entries of freely downloadable music: (8) “What the New Brian Eno Album Might Sound Like: Video, Free Jon Hopkins MP3,” (9) the full score to the indie film thriller Determinism, and (10) the electronics + string quartet “Glitch” by Daniel Wohl.

The top seven searches of the month were Alan Morse Davies, Aairria, Autechre, topic, sketches, Mohne, and Nanaqui — after which there were an enormous number of ties.

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