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  • RIP, free jazz saxophonist Noah Howard (b. 1943) #
  • Anyone crunched the data from AllMusicGuide (or anywhere else) to see the average arc of ratings of musicians' albums over time? #
  • Morning sounds: fridge, hard drive, small hiccups of feeding child, cars. #
  • My kid's gonna grow up assuming that fog horns are part of the inherent, natural sound environment. #
  • Morning sounds: from the world, fog horns, teen chatter (walking to nearby school), traffic; from the infant, gurgles, cries, sighs, snores. #
  • Thanks for the congrats on our brand new baby. That was a great #replies feed to read thru. We're home from the hospital. Mom's doing well. #
  • Baby's first fog horn. And second. And third. #
  • So many of the creaking doors and other noises in this wing of the hospital are easily mistaken for crying infants. #
  • Looks like I will miss the On Land & SFEMF festivals in San Francisco these next weeks. Good excuse: my first child was born Tuesday night. #
  • Someday when two people call each other simultaneously (usually back, after dropped calls), the calls will connect and the charges split. #
  • The HVAC in this building is such that even though it's high on a hill, it feels like you're in a bunker deep underground. #
  • When a persistent jackhammer several blocks away suddenly goes quiet, the first assumption is assault. #
  • Not crickets. A mid-day car alarm many, many blocks away. #
  • Morning sounds: heater, which sometimes sounds like skateboard; plane, which sometimes sounds like bomb; and dog, which sounds like dog. #
  • Attention, coders: @buddhamachine is looking for an #android #developer for a Buddha #app #
  • Morning sounds: especially still, as if the sound environment were taking off the final weekend in August, before the school year begins. #
  • The clerk at the department store directed me to "seasonal electronics" — now that would be a great name for a netlabel. #
  • Listening to review copy of forthcoming Underworld album, Barking. Not a bad soundtrack for a Saturday afternoon. #
  • Sold my Electro-Harmonix 2880. Think I'm gonna fiddle, so to speak, with the looper in Ableton for now. #

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