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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Re: Medal of Honor fracas: 1, seeing adversary role-play as "fun" misunderstands "play"; 2, shebang ignores military recruitment via gaming #
  • Gonna be a silent Christmas, at least in UK: "John Cage's 4'33'': festive sound of a defeated Simon Cowell" via @guardian #
  • [email protected] Quite amazing how much sound's in Fringe, like episode when they took pane of glass from window and replayed incident like an LP. in reply to npseaver #
  • Edward Rothstein on cam-phones in museums: "looking–for which museums were created–becomes a memory before it has even begun" via @nytimes #
  • Man, Fringe's aural fixation made itself heard in last night's episode, "The Box": Peter going deaf in order to defuse a hypersonic bomb? #
  • 35,474: number of plays of Brian Eno's "2 Forms of Anger" on @soundcloud in past 48 hours. And still no samizdat remixes? #
  • I'm sure my four-week-old child's fingernails make a sound when I trim them with a scissor, but my utter fear deafens me to it. #
  • You know if you'd told me in my Asimov-drunk teens that some day I'd think negatively about the term "robocall" I wouldn't have believed you #
  • Baby's first vinyl: The Pharcyde's Labcabincalifornia (Instrumentals). #
  • Looking forward to the Music App Summit next Tuesday in San Francisco. Will be there all afternoon. #
  • Afternoon listen: Philip Jeck and Janek Schaefer on BBC in conversation re: their recording histories and favorite music: #
  • Couldn't make it out of town to #planningness in Denver. Hope everyone had an informative and great time. #
  • My review of the recent Underworld album, Barking: "third-party producers lend…a welcome mix-tape vibrancy." #
  • Leonardo Rosado (aka @sbtrmnl) asks listeners to rate tracks he's recording to cull best work for next CD: #
  • #ff geo-locative sonic hub @urban_sound + composer/critic @felsenfeld + electronic musician @mystified131 #
  • Lessig re: #fb film: "Imagine a jester from King George III’s court, charged in 1790 with writing a comedy about the new American Republic." #
  • Morning sounds: breathing of two sleepers (wife, child); occasional bus and car; no birds, planes, or (first time in a while) foghorns. #
  • Some friends are doing an amazing urban art project in/about New Orleans, where I lived from 1999-2003. Please support: #
  • Just fixed a lovely typo. Thanks for the alert, @earslend #
  • Cartoonist Megan Kelso will be at #APE2010 in SF, and I'll be interviewing her on Saturday, October 16, at noon. Details: #
  • OK, Brian Eno's quasi-post-punk song "2 Forms of Anger" off forthcoming album has been out for 24 hours. Where are the communal remixes? #
  • Detailed post-mortem on making of game Canabalt by @adamatomic. Just wish there'd been some mention of music/sound role. #
  • Best way to grok Daniel Lanois' impact on Neil Young's Le Noise is to watch Young play (live in studio) & hear recording #
  • Baby's first Brian Eno is this free-streaming track off forthcoming album, appropriately titled Small Craft on a Milk Sea #
  • Autechre remix of the Bug that @factmagazine had online is back up via @selftitledmag / Best thing Ae's done in long time #
  • Noticed that I hadn't put ice cubes in my morning iced coffee in a month — reunited now with the crackling and popping. #
  • On Facebook added a "suggested friend" I know is dead. I trust it's a tribute site since he died several years before Facebook ever existed. #
  • Last line of Goodnight Moon: "Goodnight noises everywhere" (File under: The things we remember when we have kids.) #
  • More detail on @internetarchive removing Anki Toner's silent-groove appropriations More on this later (via @mystified131) #
  • ♫ Afternoon tune: "Soft Like Leaves Falling" by Leonardo Rosado aka @sbtrmnl #
  • Afternoon counterpoint: electric kid swing versus breast pump. #
  • In the future, every noun will instigate 15 Twitterbots. (A tweet on Sons of Anarchy sound earned me a motorcycle-bot.) #
  • "From orbit: Listening to Sting on my ipod watching the world go by ”“ literally" @astro_mike via @juliandibbell #space#
  • Every time a motorcycle passes by, I think TiVo has accidentally replayed Sons of Anarchy. #
  • Saw scraggly K Records logo in someone's Twitter-follow list; in-brain iPod immediately played half-remembered Dub Narcotic Sound System. #
  • "Bodhisattva, let me take you by the app": Hong Kong programmer's #android Buddha Machine; elegant interface, four tracks #
  • "Weather conditions, wind direction, everyday sounds around this time must be considered." #rippedfromtheheadlines #
  • "police to investigate and report on distance/direction of a scream of kidnapped boy" via @tobiasreber (thanks, man) #
  • Morning sounds: foghorns, oddly quiet and remote. #
  • RIP, Texas tenor saxophonist Ed Wiley, Jr. (b. 1930). #
  • Interesting @kickstarter project I just kicked in on, all about "the sound of art" // Deadline is Oct 7. #
  • Messing with instrumental hip-hop MP3s in Plogue Bidule, based on use by @cinchel (the software, not the tunes). #
  • Joseph Horowitz on the #Singularity (made you look) … of George Gerswhin: "keenings that can only be called Slavic." #
  • Nearby jackhammer, just far enough away to be pleasant. #
  • Weird that #newtwitter right-hand column truncates top tweet after two lines. (At least in Firefox on Win 7.) #
  • Beastie Boys nominated for Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame; hope someone they sampled — maybe Zeppelin's Page or Plant — does their introduction. #
  • Meaning of wolf's howl: "The coyote is saying to everyone, fellow barking dogs or otherwise, 'We are here.'" via @nytimes #
  • Neil Young's Le Noise is a wool sweater knitted with barbed wire. #
  • Echo on Daniel Lanois' production of Neil Young's Le Noise sounds like he rented Pauline Oliveros & Stewart Dempster's Deep Listening cave. #
  • Wonder how hard it'd be for RSS/Atom to allow some sorta background-image code to allow for visual continuity between feed and source-site. #
  • Old-school music publicity: Tracking lost packages. New-school music publicity: Dealing with broken MP3 archives and stalled downloads. #
  • [email protected] @mapmap I think there's a subcategory of "music by graphic designers for graphic designers." Maybe there's a photog equivalent. #
  • Of all the technology in this home, the refrigerator has the most complex and varied sounds. #
  • Buying records after midnight: the $2.99 deal for the Trent Reznor / Atticus Ross score to The Social Nework. #
  • Hip-hop forensics, sampling genealogy, and how context beats (and, of course, builds on) crowd-sourced data: #
  • [email protected] RJDJ is the MSG of everyday sonic life. As a phở addict, I mean that as a compliment. #
  • My Spanish is poor but seems to say @internetarchive yanked Anki Toner's album made of silent LP grooves due to © concern #
  • "[M]usic can be remixed. Books aren’t remixed," says @greatdismal (aka William Gibson) via @significobs #
  • Family drama: Life's fancier with a soundtrack playing in background of Skype conversation. Question is: Carl Stalling or Ennio Morricone? #
  • San Francisco soundscape tour tomorrow at 3pm led by Dennis Paoletti, principal at Shen Milsom Wilke acoustic consultancy #
  • Lanois "tweaked and toyed with…sounds, processing…signals"; "looped, echoed…multiplied fragments of…performances" #
  • Neil Young on producer Daniel Lanois' role: "He does a performance in the mix, and I do a performance in the performance" #
  • Morning sounds: surf whoosh of traffic, plumbing of a child, skeletal shifting of an old home, tinnitus ring of hard drives. #
  • Sorry to read of 21 Grand's zoning issues. Space zoned for “community assembly”and the Orwellian "cultural non-assembly" #
  • If 5 other San Francisco parents have Fisher-Price Power-Plus Plug-In Swings we could make some excellent "Steve Reich playdate" music. #
  • Presumably the "10 songs" in this Fisher-Price Power-Plus Plug-In Swing don't count the enchanting metronomic techno of its 6 speed settings #
  • The new(ish) remixes by Autechre (of the Bug) and Burial (of Commix) have reinvigorated my interest in both. Maybe I prefer them as filters. #
  • Follow-up advice in that "shark attacks hydrophone" discussion: "Tow in greater speeds," "Hide shiny components," "Carry a rabbit’s foot" #
  • Anyone contributing #soundart to contest? Rules do say "original artwork (of any medium)." Voting begins Sept 30. #
  • Sunday-morning shout-out to @luvsound & the musicians involved in this incredible, generous, neonate-friendly compilation #
  • Foghorns especially mellifluous this morning. Feel like I'm waking up from a nap in the middle of a concert. #
  • A Prophet is Godfather 2”“good, but why does flick about Arab kid maturing in French prison end w/ Texan singing Americanized song by German? #
  • DeLillo on interactive fiction's PoV narcissism: "Novels will become user-generated … with [reader] as main character" #
  • Soundgrid (for iOS) now can import original instrument packages (aka samples) and upload to soundcloud? That's pretty excellent. #
  • "Quiet alert" = "when a neonate is calm and attentive, with eyes open, ready to become acquainted with an adult person" #
  • Embrace the cliché: new dad selling old Technics 1200s. #
  • Great Google (mis)Translate incident from a Japanese musician's blog: a "last minuet announcement" #

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